Alloy 201 - UNS N02201

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Alloy 201                                  

  Equivalents: UNS N02201/Nickel 201/Werkstoff 2.4068

Pipe (seamless and welded in random lengths and cut to size)
Fittings (BW and forged fittings)
Flanges (ANSI, DIN, EN, JIS)
Bar (round, square and hexagonal in random lengths and cut to size)
Forgings (Discs, Rings and forging according to drawing)

Plate and sheet (Full plates and cut to size)

Applications Alloy 201:

Alloy 201 is a commercially pure (99.6%) Nickel alloy very similar to Alloy 200 but with a lower carbon content to so it can be used at higher temperatures. The lower carbon content also reduces hardness, making Alloy 201 particularly suitable for cold-formed items.

Chemical analysis Alloy 201:
Nickel - 99,0% min.
Copper - 0,25% max.
Manganese -  0,35% max.
Carbon - 0,02% max.
Silicon - 0,35% max.
Sulfur -  0,01% max.Density Alloy 201: 8,89 Alloy