Inconel 625®

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Common Trade Names: Inconel 625®, Chornin® 625, Altemp® 625, Nickelvac® 625, Haynes® 625 Nicrofer® 6020

Inconel® 625 is a nonmagnetic, corrosion and oxidation resistant, nickel-base alloy. It has high strength and toughness in the temperature range cryogenic to 2000¡ãF (1093¡ãC) which is derived largely from the solid solution effects of the refractory metals, columbium and molybdenum, in a nickel-chromium matrix. Nickel alloy Inconel® 625 has excellent fatigue strength and stress-corrosion cracking resistance to chloride ions.

Inconel 625® Available Formats

Magellan Metals offers nickel alloy Inconel 625® in a variety of forms, including:
  • Bar
  • Wire
  • Sheet
  • Plate
  • Forgings
  • Pipe fittings
  • Flanges
  • Seamless & Welded pipe
  • Seamless Tube & Welded tube
  • Weld Rod
Inconel® 625 sheet is available in thicknesses ranging from .010 to .156". Nickel alloy Inconel® 625 strip-in-coil is available in lighter gauges up 24" wide. Inconel® 625 plate is available up 4" thick.
Nickel alloy Inconel® 625 bar is available in wrought bar up to 8" diameter and larger sizes and shapes may be forged to order.
Inconel® 625 seamless pipe is available up to 8" NB. Larger sizes are available in welded construction (100% X-ray) and can also be fabricated to order. Nickel alloy Inconel® 625 tubing (welded & seamless) is available up 3" OD to both aerospace (AMS 5581) and commercial (ASTM B444) specifications. Redrawn tubes and tubing with tight tolerances can be supplied in almost any size no matter how small the size or quantity.
Butt-weld and forged fittings are available or can be manufactured with short lead times.