Established in 2000, Shanghai Nine Steel Company covers an area of 42000 square meters. The neat factory buildings and the newly built office buildings shine on each other, shaded by green trees. Such a beautiful environment makes people feel as if they are in the garden.

 In order to make all kinds of products occupy the market more quickly, Shanghai Nine Steel Company establishes the global economic consciousness firmly , carries out rigorous management mode, optimizes organizational structure, promotes technological transformation and strengthens its own strength. At present, the company's main management is to employ management and technical experts who have many years of practical experience in stainless steel manufacturing industry. They can be founded in the process of R&D, raw materials entering the factory, manufacturing production, quality testing and so on. The company has also established a complete quality assurance system to ensure the good reputation and the excellent quality of Shanghai Nine Steel Company.

 On February 3rd, 2004, Shanghai Nine Steel Co.,Ltd passed the international quality system Certification of Germany TUEV company, including ISO9001:2000, PED, ADW2000 and ASTM, and was awarded the certification of measurement qualification system. At the same time, the company is still committed to improving the quality management, in-depth implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management system, the implementation of overall quality management, to ensure that the product quality reaches the First-Class.

 The Main Billets of Shanghai Nine Steel Company are the steel round bars specially produced by Baosteel Group of Shanghai Five Steel Company, Jiuli Special Steel company, Huaxin Lihua Company and Sweden Outokumpu company, which ensures the quality of the steel pipe from the beginning of the billets.

 Shanghai Nine steel produced seamless steel pipe for pressure vessels and fluid delivery and special boilers, heat exchangers, the main raw materials are austenitic stainless steel, including duplex steel, nickel-based alloy steel, Monnel alloy steel andaustenitic stainless steel, using production process of cold drawn or cold rolled , and strictly passed a variety of tests such as: ultrasonic detection, vortex detection, impact experiments, hydraulic pressure, etc. , The process and mechanical properties are in full compliance with national and international standards. Steel pipe shape, size, surface quality and performance are passed in rate of 100%.

Shanghai Nine Steel company has complete production equipment and seamless steel pipe production line, which can produce stainless steel seamless round pipe, square pipe, elliptical pipe with all kinds of large, medium and small diameter. Besides our product with various varieties and full specification. Especially in the cold production of large-calibre thin-walled tube production, our product filled the domestic blank, we have the leading technology in the world. Since 2006, our company trial production successed and started large scale production. Including Duplex Steel (UNSS31803) and Super Duplex Steel (UNSS32750) with the specifications: 19.05~406.4mm, wall thickness 1~16.66mm; Bright Tube with the specification: 19.05 x 1mm to 406.4 x 16.66mm, Nickel-Based Alloy Steel (Incoloy 800/825, Inconel600), Monnel Alloy Steel (monel 400/K500) and Super Austenitic Stainless Steel (904L). Our company has strict production standards in accordance with international standards and national standards. In addition our product quality not only has reached the domestic advanced level but also reached the United States AISI, Japan JIS and the European Union's EN standard requirements.

China's economic policy and Shanghai's good investment environment have injected fresh blood into the development of Shanghai Jiugang Company and provided a reliable guarantee. Shanghai Jiugang has gradually grown and become a modern enterprise with unified and standardized management mechanism and advanced production equipment.
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